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        Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

        Add: Intersection of Shaoyang Avenue and Baodong Road, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang, Hunan, China

        Fax: 0086-739-5323649

        Tel: 0086-739-5502258(sales dept.)

        E-mail: syefjxs@syefj.com


        Url: www.asktrucker.com

        Products >> Setting machine

        M5471 knitting stentering boarding machine

        Product uses

        This product is appropriate for polyester filament yarn, polyester low elasticity silk fabric, pure cotton or other knitting fabric with weight of 60-700g/m2.

        Main technical index

        Form: heated air circulation, single layer horizontal type

        Vehicle category: left hand or right hand

        Nominal width(mm): 1800-3600

        Amplitude modulation range(mm): 700-(Nominal width-200 mm)

        Speed range: 5-100m/min

        Over-feed ratio: -10% - +30

        Oasthouse temperautre: 100-230ºC

        Heat source: heat-carrying oil, fuel gas(city gas, natural gas, water gas, liquefied petroleum gas), electricity

        Cloth holding method: needle clamp

        Cropping form: simple pendulum type; or double use

        Edge detecting form: High precision infrared edge detecting

        Guide rail form: no lubricating oil steel plate guide rail

        Size: (16115+n×3000)×(W+2500)mm×2300mm

        Installed capacity: (55+n×15)kW


        1. Active infrared, synchronous with main engine;

        2. E+L tension sensor controlled padder, realizing low tension and constant tension running;

        3. E+L infrared edge detecting indstrument, excellent antijamming capability;

        4. 6mm thick steel plate graphite guide rail, no need of refueling, long serve life;

        5. 9 section width adjustment;

        6. Heat-carrying oil heating method, high accuracy;

        7. Front and back double multistage operation system, PLC control system, convenient for operation;

        8. Landing minor-cycle building block system oasthouse, small volume, large blast capacity;

        9. Frequency converting control, high efficient heated air circulation system;

        10. Special nozzle displacement;

        Add: Intersection of Shaoyang Avenue and Baodong Road, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang, Hunan, China  Fax: +86-739-5324671  Tel: +86-739-5502258(International trade dept.)